Ode To Leaf Mould



With sack and rake

I harvest gold;


bird cherry, damson, lime;

cached to rot.

It’s a slow alchemy –

six seasons it takes me

to process gold to dirt,

giving me the earth.

copyright 2016 Tish Farrell


For more leaf magic visit Verena at Festival of Leaves

36 thoughts on “Ode To Leaf Mould

  1. fabulous golden leaves and alchemical ode! we reap what we sow and invest what we gather – a well-deserving finale to your patience and effort plus that of the earthworms and moulds 😉

    1. Such a shame to burn dead vegetation, though it can be useful in very specific situations to encourage regrowth on moorlands etc. I was rootling through some of last year’s leaf mould caches yesterday. It’s not quite ready yet, but where the leaves had rotted down, it had made the most fantastic dark, crumbly soil. Ideal low nutrient stuff for seed-sowing in the spring 🙂

    1. Thank you, Janet. I was thinking it up yesterday up at the allotment, and your post this morning chimed with it – and so I finished it off. That’s another good thing to be grateful for with blog-chums – notions rub off, and set off trains of thought…

  2. I love the neatness of this and the paradox of gold to dirt. You say so much in so few words, and it’s a powerful plot line. None of those Shakespearean contortions! It ends with a nice whateveryoucallit – the double meaning of “the earth”.

  3. Oh, Tish. Your rake gives you cause to wax poetic. Mine encourages me to curse the trees that line the opposite side of the street, still retaining leaves in numbers that would give Genghis Khan pause. 😀

    1. I’ve had that feeling too, John, especially when neighbouring ash trees deposit all over the garden at home. But now I have a use for them – can see what they become with a bit of coralling, it’s ‘Bring on the leaves!’

  4. Also an Ode to the every gardener, so beautiful! And a lovely picture! Thanks so much for sharing them and taking part in the Festival of Leaves 🙂

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