Today In My Wenlock Garden: Thursday’s Special


This oriental poppy has been unfurling its petals for the last couple of days – never mind the fierce squalls and sudden Arctic blasts. Never mind that it is NOVEMBER. This morning she finally opened into sunshine. Still a little crumpled in the frock department, but what chutzpah, eh, and for a flower that looks so intrinsically delicate.

Anyway, she is my offering for Paula’s Thursday’s Special challenge. Today she has given us five cue words to choose from: ascending, idleness, jaunty, whiff and luminosity. So here we have poppy luminosity. With a touch of jauntiness thrown in.

Come to think of it, to find something so lovely in the garden at this time of year, also has my spirits lifting sky-high, so I’ll throw in ‘ascending’ too. Hope she brightens your day too. Many of us could do with a good gloom antidote, mentioning no ‘T’ words.


copyright 2016 Tish Farrell

37 thoughts on “Today In My Wenlock Garden: Thursday’s Special

  1. Lovely poppy and photograph. We see beauty immediately, and it’s good to be reminded of beauty at this time. And the poppy is a reminder, a remembrance, to the fallen soldiers as well.

  2. Poppy luminosity with a touch of jauntiness has an ascending effect, and we can watch it idly sitting on the porch? 🙂 Love your offering. *bow*

  3. Such a lovely November surprise! I love your picture, the petals almost look like they were made out of paper, and the color comes out as almost translucent. Nice!

  4. How lovely! I just dug up my sweet-peas today, they were late to flower as I was late to sow them, but they have given me lots of pleasure until this week when they succumbed to the rain and wind. I still have a few fuchsias in flower!

    1. Me too. After a fine a.m., we have had downpours, so I’m thinking it might be a bit bedraggled by tomorrow – though maybe still photoworthy with your eye, Sue 🙂

  5. Such poetic descriptions! In the comments too, Tish 🙂 🙂 Those skirts just need a good shake! Feeling suitably uplifted and setting off for a foggy beach stroll, backed by sunshine.

  6. Isn’t that something? These single solitary blooms seem to know that by waiting until now, in November, that they’ll be all the more appreciated.

  7. well I caught a whiff of this beauty in the reader and think you nailed all five words here T.
    also – this looked like glass in a way – crystal. so beautiful.

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