April’s Changing Seasons: Fifty Shades Of Grey And A Little Bit Of Blue


We Brits are renowned for an unbridled capacity to talk about the weather, and this month there has been so much of it, and sometimes all at once. In the Farrell household the question has been  hourly batting back and forth between he and she who live in our house: have you seen the weather forecast?

He has a major earth-moving project in the back garden – dismantling a raised bed, and sawing up next winter’s firewood supply since we keep using the logs that have already been chopped. She has a major earth-moving project up at the allotment – filling raised beds with a recycled compost mountain. There is also seed sowing, hardening off and planting out of vegetables to consider, all of which are dependent on weather conditions in general, and knowing how long arctic winds and icy rain will last in particular.

But what can one say about British weather that our greatest poet, William Shakespeare has not already said, since even he, with all he had to write about, was somewhat climate-fixated:

With hey, ho, the wind and the rain…

For the rain it raineth every day.

He’s not too heartening for next month either:

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.

Oh well. Better hang on to the woolly hats  and vests, wellies and waterproofs.


Cardinal Guzman The Changing Seasons April 2016 Go here to see the Cardinal’s take on April, plus his rules for the challenge. Then join in!

40 thoughts on “April’s Changing Seasons: Fifty Shades Of Grey And A Little Bit Of Blue

  1. Tish it sounds like a massive undertaking happening in your yard! I shall wish you sunny skies. Here in fickle weathered Canada we seem to be under the same fate of weather watching. After summer like temps it’s wet can cold again. That’s the problem with getting one’s hopes up. 🙂

      1. We have the same sort of cloud views from our upstairs room. I can stare out of the windows for hours watching the birds and the clouds and more recently the bats.

  2. Seems that everyone talks about the weather, Tish. Here too we’ve been bounced all around while winter and spring battle for supremacy. Today, summer is sticking in its oar for the day, then tonight spring, with its winds and falling temperatures, and then over the next days, enough winter to make it quite chilly. Never a dull moment.

    P.S. This is the only Fifty Shades of Grey I’m interested in seeing or reading about!! 🙂


  3. Good morning Tish, if yoU wish you send any unwanted wet weather down our way, it would be greatly appreciated. 😊 194 points to the end of March (nothing to speak of in April), driest it has been since we moved here ten, eleven in Sptember, years ago.

  4. That’s pretty much what we’ve been having and I admit, it’s cutting into my enthusiasm for shooting. It’s just … dull. Though today, I did notice that there are budding leaves on some trees so maybe by the beginning of May, it will be prettier. And less gray.

    1. Just had some snow flakes here too. And once you put your mind to going outside, it really is rather invigorating. I’m just pscycing myself up for some vigour in the Linden Field.

  5. Gardening is a lot of work. I live in an apartment building, so we don’t have a garden, but we have a back yard. Yesterday I stole some wild growing plants from a park and planted them in a bed in our backyard. These flowers grow up every year and spread easily, so next spring they’ll hopefully grow up and eventually spread around the whole bed where I planted them.

  6. Lovely pic, Tish – sums the season up very aptly. We’ve had sun, thunder, lightning, rain, hail, snow – all today! Roll on the warm weather 🙂

      1. If you saw my Around The Suburb photo post from yesterday you will have seen the weather and the temp. 🙂

        Though it did rain today … for about five perishing minutes!

  7. Nice take on this challenge – and the weather is such an intricate part of our lives I feel as if I never tire of thinking or writing about it! Love the Shakespeare quotes too –
    Oh and I have been trying to leave a comment on the wharhol image you made -and will have to leave it here!
    I love it!
    Here is what I kept trying to add:

    “The photo you made does not feel pulled in many directions – it al let felt regal – but approachable – the scarf draped had that elegant feel – the soft smile was inviting and a bit classy – and the red and yellow – well that image could also be part of Cee’s red and yellow challenge”

  8. Always such fine photos! I think everyone everywhere likes to talk about the weather. I had a client, Anton Giambalvo – and I say his name because no one else ever will – a mentally retarded disfigured guy with a club foot – who once mentioned that the weatherman was God. “Howze that, Giambalvo?” “Well, he makes the weather, don’t he? Right Steve?”
    Giambalvo was a brave and lovable fellow. Anyhoo…

    1. I like the idea of a weather god. He’s been emptying his store cupboard lately which of course accounts for all the different kinds we’re getting at one go 🙂

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