22 thoughts on “Of Autumns Past

  1. Makes me want to reach for my new Autumn sweater, with its tufts of yarn the same color as your gorgeous subjects here. Happy Saturday my friend! Sending you glad tidings and warmth, a relaxing evening for you and G! Be well. Long live The Pretenders. 😎

    1. Yay! A good strong dose of Chryssie Hynde could be just the thing for a spot of spirit-lifting. Am also picturing you now in autumn textures – Bill o’ the Woods. Happy weekend to you and yours from G and me.

      1. Thanks Tish! Just got my gardening garb on now and headed out for hopefully the last bout of grass cutting for the season! Wet and muddy indeed…will make that fire later all the better. Cheers!

  2. All beautifully seasonal, Tish. I wish I were reaching for a sweater but alas, our high is predicted to be 88F, so sweater would be a bit much. Thankfully it’s cool at night and in the morning when I walk, down into the 50’s. I really like that last shot, BTW. Happy weekend.

  3. Those oak leaves are fabulous. We don’t see many changing colours here unless I wander down to the woodland where the beech trees are probably turning, if the leaves haven’t been completely blown away!

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