Ordinary Extraordinary ~ Past Perfect Encounters


It is often on the field path to and from the allotment that the seeming ordinary catches my eye. Often too it’s the result of collaborating elements. Take this apple, one of a bucket of windfalls that a neighbour had tossed over the hedge into Townsend Meadow. Then came the blackbirds who, through the autumn, nibbled at the flesh until only this translucent skin remained. Then there was some frosty winter weather and a lowering late-day sun over the Edge. And so we have an apple lantern. And I just happened to be passing as it lit up…

The allotment plots are also fertile grounds for the extraordinary ordinary and finding them can provide protracted and absorbing diversions from weeding and digging. Who can guess what this is?



On the home front too, the multifarious parts of my unruly garden can be an endless source of distraction whatever the season, though autumn can yield some especially fine moments.



Lens-Artists: Ordinary  This week I. J Khanewala asks us to explore the commonplace with fresh eyes. A focused look at the ordinary can suddenly transform into the extraordinary.

Past Squares #10

58 thoughts on “Ordinary Extraordinary ~ Past Perfect Encounters

      1. underwater – no hold on that can’t be right as you took it on way to or near allotment. It’s the colour that is confusing me most! I’ll keep thinking (partly in hope someone brilliant will fly in and guess straight off!!!)

      1. I like it, and wish I was in an alternative one myself these days! The light through the apple is incredible – make a great painting

  1. These are wonderful explorations of how truly out of this world the ordinary can become, if only you take the time to look at it. Your photo of the apple skin is other-wordly. I like that description as well, an apple lantern lighting up when you looked at it! I can’t guess at the purple. It is possible that it is a flower I haven’t seen, although I’ll be delighted if I’m wrong. I love the other two beautiful photos as well. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but the art of photography is to bring that eye to others. You’ve done that so well here.

  2. (Extra)ordinary Tish – now, I know your piece of land is extraordinary…but this was something extra… Oh, sorry i get carried away here – but I LOVE your take on this. And the photos are fantastic. Love the apple, the glazed flowers and the …chive?

  3. The apple capture is truly a unique and stunning photo – the artsy light just added to the rich history –
    And glad I read the comments about the purple petals and wondering what it could be if edible when not blooming – be back later to find out Tish

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