Once In Nice…Of Past Pleasures

chagall stained glass

“For me, a stained glass window represents the transparent partition between my heart and the heart of the world. Stained glass is exhilarating, it needs gravity, passion. It has to live through the perceived light.”  Marc Chagall


Today Becky’s lovely blue gallery reminded me of the photos I’d taken of Marc Chagall’s stained glass – this on a long-ago stay in Nice. The window is in the auditorium of the Musee National Marc Chagall, which has to be one of the finest little galleries in the world: the setting, the building and the art fusing in dreamy synergy that captures the humanity, joyousness, and all round good spirits of Marc Chagall. He was a man who created in all media. He saw his work  “not the dream of one people but of all humanity”.


And then there is his use of colour. Picasso probably has the last word on that: “When Matisse dies, Chagall will be the only painter left who understands what colour really is.”

Marc Chagall (1887-1985)

Past Squares #9

24 thoughts on “Once In Nice…Of Past Pleasures

  1. Oh, these are beautiful! I love modern stained glass 🙂 That quote from Chagall is great too. Have you ever seen his windows in the Frauernmunster in Zurich? Stunning!

  2. I’ve got the same photos from 4 years ago. The gallery is wonderful. Did you pop over to Menton to see the Cocteau gallery? I saw an exhibition of Raoul Dufy paintings and fashion clothing there. Three maestros on one holiday.

    1. Not sure how we missed the Cocteau gallery though went to the Matisse gallery just up the hill. Also went to the main art gallery down by the Promenade des Anglais especially to see their Dufy permanent collection – which they had sent on tour. Most annoying.

  3. I have never heard that Picasso quote until today. Sums it up quite nicely. Wraps up your wonderful post with insight. Most thoughtful. Beautiful window. Great writing. You made my day, Tish, and it’s only just begun. Thanks.

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