And Another View Of Yesterday’s Mystery Square…


It comes with added red tailed bee bum, and so the mystery is revealed…a globe artichoke flower, or rather an artichoke inflorescence since each part is an individual small flower. There were several valiant stabs at it, but Jude and Izzie were the first to guess correctly.


The up-close version as seen in yesterday’s response to I.J. Khanewala’s challenge at  Lens-Artists


And here’s an artichoke flower just opening, the scaly outer leaves  meanwhile serving the constructional purposes of a small green spider:



And now for the whole plant. I grow several globe artichoke varieties at the allotment. The purple ones are probably our favourites:



Here’s one in the throes of being prepared as an artichoke heart, i.e. before having its inner leaves and hairy choke scooped out:


And now for a ‘B’ Movie: ‘Three Bees In An Artichoke’


Past Squares #11

46 thoughts on “And Another View Of Yesterday’s Mystery Square…

    1. Am actually feeling rather dated, Margaret. Definite tendencies to crochetyness over lack of common sense and actual utility of new fangled versions of things that once worked just as I wanted them to. Hmph. It must be Monday 😉

  1. Your conversation between Margaret and Becky made me smile! I was reading that whilst the B movie was playing (they were certainly tucking in) when I heard what I first though was a subtle fart (but of course you wouldn’t be so impolite) before realising it was the buzz of a bee!

  2. I love these close-up photos, Tish! The image of small green spider and web is incredibly beautiful.
    Thank you for the video, lovely!

  3. Love artichokes, love the purple shots, and love the “bee” movie. 🙂 I’ve been looking for artichokes but all the ones I’ve seen so far aren’t great–too open and light-weight. I tried to grow an artichoke plant when we first moved here but obviously it was at the wrong time in spite of being available at the store and it dried up. I’ll have to try again. It would be so much fun to grow my own.

    1. The thing I find with artichokes, they either grow very well or they give up, and I’m never sure exactly why. Frost is one problem here, but that won’t be your problem! I also have a biggish plant which is now attempting a second round of artichokes. I think perhaps I need to stop it. It’s seasonally confused.

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