Over The Garden Fence ~ The Monochrome Series

lens 6

Sunset foxgloves


I am much in love with black and white photography and often use the monochrome setting on my camera. My small Lumix Panasonic ‘point and shoot’ camera used to produce the best results, the current small Canon not so good. The photos here are a mix of original monochrome and converted colour shots featuring various views of Townsend Meadow in different seasons.


Excavating the flood attenuation pond at the top of Townsend Meadow 2017


lens harvest

Bringing in the wheat harvest


img_1347-teasels lens



townsend meadow

Clouds over the Edge


Lens-Artists: black and white   Anne at Slow Shutter Speed  wants to see black and white this week.

36 thoughts on “Over The Garden Fence ~ The Monochrome Series

  1. Great black and white series Tish! I see you photograph/process in black and white/monochrome a lot. Your images are beautiful! Thanks for participating in this challenge.

    1. Scherenschnitte! That is a word I would not remember either, Janet, especially the spelling. But I had a similiar idea about those particular shots. I have an artist friend who specialises in papercut imagery, so it was in my mind somewhere.

  2. I love BW photographs too! Thank you for sharing how you take your monochrome images – from the setting on your camera, as opposed to editing it into monochrome. It just occurs to me as well that monochrome is not quite the same as B&W, as some of your images demonstrate.

    Your teasel image is so unusual & rather captivating.

      1. Ah yes, the greenhouse. For some strange reason, I remembered it as a shed – a greenhouse sounds a lot more complicated!!!! particularly if they’ve brought you wrong sized glass panes! Arghhhh!

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