My Field Of Vision


The barley field behind the house is now the colour of fresh-baked buttery shortbread. A bit perverse, then, to display it monochrome. But then I  find the abstracting effect intriguing; all the textures.



Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: fields and landscapes

27 thoughts on “My Field Of Vision

  1. These are truly smashing monochrome images, Miss T. So much texture.
    They would look lovely framed and mounted as a a set of three.
    You should have a word with He wot Builds Sheds. 😉

      1. It will be worth the wait.
        Is the greenhouse at your spot or at the allotment?
        Apologies if you’ve mentioned this already.

      2. We had a very ugly plastic ‘conservatory’ on the back of the house, which we’ve pulled our faces at for 15 years. It’s being replaced with a sleek green metal lean-to greenhouse. Was going well till G. realised the wrong glass had been delivered with it.

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