Catching the Light ~ Menai Strait In Winter


This week Amy at Lens-Artists has set us a fine task – the pursuit of natural light. It’s one of the aspects of photography that fascinates me most; especially when it’s in short supply. Anyway, I instantly thought of the strange light effects that happen across the Menai Strait between the North Wales coast and the island of Anglesey, caught here during various December sojourns on the island. All the views are looking towards the Welsh mainland and Snowdonia.



100_5196 - Copy


Lens-Artists: Natural Light

61 thoughts on “Catching the Light ~ Menai Strait In Winter

  1. I love catching shafts of light. Those are just beautiful. And you didn’t have a mass of electric wires in your way. I’m always trying to shoot around the power lines and it takes a lot of the spontaneity from the process. Those pictures are rally stunning. Probably worth a wall and a frame!

    1. Much appreciate those appreciative comments, Marilyn. I agree about power lines. They can be a complete pain. Tho just sometimes they can also have their moments.

      1. Whoever they were (and they were someone v. famous photographically speaking) they were spot on. Though I can’t take credit for what that little whizzy camera was capable of producing. I was sad when it died – on the beach on Anglesey if I recall aright.

    1. The house is one of a pair, called the pilot’s house that sit in splendid isolation at Penmon Point near the lighthouse. I think they’re holiday lets, but there’s a compelling atmosphere about them. A little bit Edgar Allan Poe-ish.

  2. Wow, very dramatic lighting, and you’ve captured it beautifully! My own personal favourite is the second shot. I’m always drawn to landscapes with little patches caught in the sunlight while the rest is in shadow, and this is a great example. And perfect for the theme too!

  3. Whoa!
    If only I could see sky like this once a week, which would surely be so wonderful.
    Gorgeous captures 🙂

    Can I add this post for my next episode of Weekend Sky challenge?

    1. Hello Hammad. Glad you like this post. I agree: weekly dose of rays like this would be very uplifting. And yes I’m happy for you to add the post to your sky challenge.

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