Apple Snaffling


For the last couple of days this male blackbird has been tucking into our garden crab apples. He has a technique. Using his beak like a dagger, he jabs downwards with great vigour, slicing off morsels. Sometimes, though, he ends up with a mouthful he cannot swallow, which then requires a descent to the garden path where sets about cutting the apple down to size. All part of the morning’s seasonal entertainment at the Farrell establishment.



Lens-Artists: ‘A’  This week Patti asks us for subjects that start with the letter ‘A’.

49 thoughts on “Apple Snaffling

    1. We seem to have quite a few around us. But lots of other common species are never seen – chaffinches, thrushes being noticeably absent. Starlings sometimes sighted flying by.

  1. Great shots of this beauty, Tish. Entertainment could not be better! I offer apples to mine as well. We have quite many of them in my garden. He is also our national bird!

      1. 😀 and a much loved harbinger of spring! His clear and melodious voice is an unmistakable sign of the light coming back.

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