Over The Garden Fence

IMG_0829 cr

It does seem perverse to photograph the guerrilla garden’s very colourful crab apples in monochrome. I  anyway didn’t much care for the result. Then I started tweaking the exposure and contrast in my editing programme and thought that this was quite an interesting ‘take’ for Cee’s challenge this week of circles and curves. And then I had a look at the photos I’d taken of the dewy grass over in the field – some very gentle curves and glittery droplets, blue or sepia tinted. Pleasing, I thought.




Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: circles and curves

23 thoughts on “Over The Garden Fence

  1. I like the grain and definition you get in black & white, though I still don’t think flowers look particularly good in black and white — unless they are already white. I didn’t recognize the apples as apples until I read the text, but I really like the arching grass and raindrops.

  2. It’s fascinating isn’t it how you think a photo doesn’t quite work, then you spot a challenge and yay it has a fabulous home. I love your crab apples

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