Season Of Leaves


As a Halloween ‘babe’ (I use the term retrospectively) one might expect a new broomstick for one’s birthday (and actually a good old fashioned witches’ besom would be quite useful) but this year I received a very smart leaf rake – pale ash handle topped by the most elegant splay of shiny stainless steel tines. In fact the new rake is so artily attractive, I was rather  reluctant to take it up to the allotment.

But then yesterday, it being sunnily fine after recent gales and deluges, and with signs of copious leaf fall everywhere, the need to gather the makings for next year’s leaf mould overcame me. Armed with two big bags and rake I set off across the field, intent on making a start on clearing the lane beside the allotment where, the day before, I had swished through a sea of field maple leaves.

And then just as I was leaving the house I grabbed the camera too, switched it to monochrome mode. I remembered that Jude at Travel Words had set us a photo assignment to look for patterns in black and white. So here are the results of killing two birds with one stone. I also have two very full leaf ‘silos’ on my allotment plot.




2020 Photo Challenge #44  Jude gives us lots of pointers and some striking examples of black and white composition.

43 thoughts on “Season Of Leaves

  1. I do like monochrome. A new rake is a good gift and certainly a helpful one. Here the yard is full but with the trees still full I’m on wait to do the raking. Although…I read the other day that it is better to blow them than to rake. It’s just more noise and I do like quite work.

  2. Happy belated birthday! And yay to black and white leaves! They look amazing with the colour removed. You know I never think to turn my camera onto the mono settings. Actually over the next few months I will experiment with the various scenes on my camera and see what happens. I hope you had a great birthday, at least you got it in before the lockdown. Stay safe in Shropshire 😊

    1. Thank you so much for the birthday greetings, Jude. I did have a good one – with a luxury chef take-away supper at my sister’s. She did the final prepping to a 3 course middle eastern meal. Delish.
      I’m very fond of my mono camera setting. I use it a lot.

  3. Happy birthday Tish. Your b&w images are lovely; I think in colour shots we ooh and ah so much over autumns splendid colours that we ignore leaf textures and patterns.

  4. How can I have ‘known’ you all this time and not been aware of your Halloween birthday? Not much between the ears these days, but I do so enjoy visiting your home space. Happy leaf mould making, lovely lady 🙂 🙂

  5. What nice photos. Some babes have a good eye! As for rakes, my raking experiences have improved dramatically ever since I went an extra two dollars for a “commercial quality” rake at Home Depot.

  6. Happy belated birthday greetings. 🥂🍰🌺 the leaves make excellent subjects for monochrome, and also make great compost. That rake could almost be hung on the wall as an installation art piece

    1. Thank you for your lovely greetings, Pauline. And that’s an excellent thought about the rake – once it’s done its autumn work it can come home to be admired 🙂

    1. Thank you, Marilyn. This house arrest business has gone beyond all reason or justification. People are quite capable of making their own decisions on how to take care of themselves.

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