Through A Hedge Backlit

IMG_0637 sepia

I took these photos yesterday, late afternoon, as I was going gardening. The hedge runs up beside the allotment, the south-westerly boundary to Townsend Meadow behind our house. As I reached the gap under the ash tree, the unofficial gateway to my garden plot, the sun burst through the hedge bottom. So I ditched the compost I was hauling, and fished out my camera. I was still thinking about the leaf photos in my last post, and decided monochrome could work here too, this time catching the plant-life silhouetted in the lowering sun. I added the sepia glow in the edit. In the northern hemisphere, sunshine in November always seems a specially precious gift, brimming with untapped possibility.

IMG_0635 sepia

Lens-Artists: the sun will come out tomorrowΒ  Anvica’s Gallery has set the spirit-lifting theme this week. Go visit!

41 thoughts on “Through A Hedge Backlit

    1. Thanks, Ana. Thank you for the challenge – a sort of like minds coming together moment. As I said to Tina, it’s brilliant that Lens Artists are creating so much sunshine this week.

  1. “In the northern hemisphere, sunshine in November always seems a specially precious gift, brimming with untapped possibility.” I love it that you are a writer – too – Tish. How could you better express this November feeling in words or in images?

    1. Yes those intervals when light breaks through the gloom. We’ve had some truly dank dark days here in Shropshire lately. Some blue sky just now though. More raking required!

      1. ooh you are good, decided I’m going to leave it until weekend in vain hope there will then only be one more rake needed after that one!

  2. A beautiful moment, Tish. Well observed! So you’re preparing your garden for winter? It’s interesting how our minds leap ahead to spring even as we’re closing things up for the winter! Take care and stay well.

    1. Am heartily reciprocating your kind wishes, Patti. Gardening never really stops here in England, not unless we get a sudden icy blast. There are still beds of winter veg to tend to, old crops to clear and new beds to prepare, but yes, ever thoughts of spring too πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, silhouettes – I find them totally beguiling. I think it has something to do with illustrations I loved in childhood story books. I’m also very fond of woodcut prints of landscapes. There’s a suggestion of alternative realities.

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