To The Lighthouse: Penmon Point

IMG_6172 sq

On Christmas Day we went to Penmon Point in Anglesey, North Wales – fair weather and good winter light on the lighthouse.


Happy New Year Everyone


January Light  #1 This month Becky says ‘let there be light’, however we choose to conjure it so long as it’s squared. Please pay her a visit. Better still, join in. We cannot have too much light in 2020: lots of issues requiring full-beam illumination.

35 thoughts on “To The Lighthouse: Penmon Point

      1. What gorgeous sunlight you found on your lighthouse, and you’re so right lots of issues need to go under the spotlight this year.

        Wishing you a very Happy New Year xx

  1. Looks like a good way to spend Christmas. We mostly spent the day indoors (and letting the man to fix the furnace in the afternoon and yes, on Christmas Day), but in the evening I had to get out and away for a bit, the result of which you’ll see in tomorrow’s post. If I mis-type, you could see it in tomorrow’s pots. 🙂 Ok, I’m going now. Happy 2020, a year in which we should all have good vision. Ha, ha!


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