Roll up, Roll Up For The Much Wenlock Christmas Fair


Feel your senses throb to the drummers’ beat, take a donkey ride, guess the name of the little pony, buy your Christmas trees, have nip of gin, or a nibble on a spicy Jamaican pastry, wander about on the Church Green and up and down the town’s main streets, shuffle round the two big crafts tents and buy your last minute special gifts, greet your neighbours, stock up on mistletoe to attract festive kisses, spot a meerkat (!!!?) No wonder Much Wenlock’s annual Christmas fair is the town’s most popular event.












Lens-Artists: On display

53 thoughts on “Roll up, Roll Up For The Much Wenlock Christmas Fair

  1. What a lovely event, Tish! Happy Holidays and all the best for for 2020.
    Warm greetings from the coast of North Norfolk,
    The Fab Four of Cley

  2. A very handsome meerkat??? But everything else seems to fit. 🙂 🙂 A very merry Christmas, Tish! Time for you and him to break out the gin. Our very best to you both in 2020!

  3. Looks like lots of fun, Tish. We’ve been watching some more episodes of “Midsomer Murders”and this reminds me of something that might be on that show, albeit minus the murders, I certainly hope! Enjoy the weekend.


  4. Jamaican curry patties in Much Wenlock? Now that’s a surprise! Glad you had a dry day for the event, even the field doesn’t look too muddy. Hog roasts remind me of Ludlow, and a broken tooth! Here we have the Montol festival today in Penzance but unfortunately it is bucketing it down so for yet another year we are probably not going to have a look. I do wish this rain would let up for a week or two… it all gets a bit much.

    1. I’m only sorry I didn’t buy some. But I was a bit preoccupied as I’d just broken a tooth too – and without the hogroast. And as for the rain, it’s been awful these last few days – one big squelch in Wenlock.

  5. Did you attract festive kisses??? And did you have a good Christmas? We did, thanks to my granddaughter’s determination to have a “real” Christmas (tree, carols, presents) something we haven’t done for many years. Although we stuck with feasting! Enjoy NY Eve and have a splendid 2020

  6. Enjoyed every photo – and loved the ending critter!
    Also / the placement of the other photos was excellent – from the opening food photo (Inviting is to select) to the leaving with the Christmas trees – fun post

  7. This is such a lovely galaxy of fun and joy, beautifully captured. Wishing you a grand success in the year ahead and much more joyous moments to cherish.

    Wishing you Tish a wonderful 2020 Happy New Year!!!
    Signing Off 2019 from wondering “Makeup & Breakup.”

  8. Thank you so much for this fun “on display”, Tish! With delicious food, books, gifts, activities, … way to celebrate Christmas. 🙂
    p.s. I apologize for being late on commenting.

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