Today A Touch Of Garden Magic ~ Foxgloves?


Well, it has to be some kind of magic, foxgloves in November. And not just one aberrant stem, but several all set to bloom. And this after last week’s several frosty days. But what a treat to find it flowering outside the back door – its blushed peachy shades looking far too delicate for this autumn outing.

There are other treasures too. In the raised bed at the top of the garden there are delicate cascades of Aster Lady in Black. I bought it at the end of last summer, and it has just now come into its own. It doesn’t grow too large, but has dark stems and feathery leaves and a slightly unruly habit, and while the individual flowers are tiny, the overall effect is perfect for brightening a late season border.



And then there are still some crimson snapdragons and coral hesperantha:



40 thoughts on “Today A Touch Of Garden Magic ~ Foxgloves?

  1. Strangely beautiful…but I am not really comfortable with these changes. Today I saw Marguerites in a garden in my little village, and bluebells too. I have realized that some plants did not grow as they should, or at all, during the great three month drought this summer – but now there are new ferns and new flowers. Strange.

  2. Nature does seem to be upside down this year. After a good coolong off we are not rather stuffy. Could mean storms tonight and storms at night are the worse kind. Can’t see them coming.

      1. It seems that some years they grow better, two years ago I had lots and great flowering, this past summer I had quite a bit and full of bumblebees, and there are quite a few new plants growing now and older ones flowering. I like to keep them for the wildlife especially.

      1. Oh no! Not igloo-making. Though now you mention it, it might be fun. Today the sky has forgotten to switch the light on AGAIN and it’s warm and damp.

  3. What a strange year you are having weatherwise. Maybe you had 2 winters in one last year and now it is going to miss out on winter this time. But what a colourful show your garden is still putting on….

    1. That’s an interesting thought, Pauline, that we had 2 winters. The front garden still (just) has yellow helianthus, mauve michaelmas daisies, geraniums and purple toadflax. Oh yes, and a small pink rose in flower.

  4. What a strange year it has been for plants. Abrupt season transitions and rainy spells. But years like this do happen from time to time. Maybe to shake things up a little to make it all stronger. Kind of like human life.

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