Lions ~ Now You See them, Now You Don’t


Lions are the past-masters when it comes to both standing out and blending in – this week’s photo challenge from Ann-Christine at Lens-Artists, which sent me rifling through the old Africa Album for some good examples. These were all taken in Kenya’s Maasai Mara back in another lifetime. The header shot shows both leonine proclivities – the art of showing off and of disappearing in foot-high oat grass. I think there are at least three lions in this shot. In the following close up you can see one of them – just right of the lioness’s left ear. Probably a male.Mara lioness 2 (2)

But what about this next shot – can you spot the second lion? Course you can, now you know what to look for:



And here’s a different kind of concealment – the whole pride in a gully; their concentrated gaze suggesting thoughts of dinner and where they might find it.



Lens-Artists: Blending in or standing out

42 thoughts on “Lions ~ Now You See them, Now You Don’t

  1. I love the post. And I’m sure you can imagine my interest and admiration for the lions. The photos too, seem excellent captures. But the scans are lacking. Maybe you could do better by reproduction; that is to photograph the old pictures with your digital camera.

    1. I thought you’d spot these big cats, Shimon. I have tried photographing originals, not very successfully, but then I think it would need some sensible setting up for the shots. The scanner, which was a very good one, was on the blink by the time I started scanning these negatives, and we have not replaced it.

  2. This is the behaviour of my cat. He’s a very large Tom and he likes to hide under shrubs or in tall grass watching the world unfold around him – unseen unless you’re looking for him. I think in his heart he’s a lion on the savannah 🙂

    1. Only one truly good view – on a night drive at Elmenteita. Dominic our guide raked a spotting light along a ridge, and up from the grass popped a big leopard face. He fixed us with his yellow eyes.

  3. This may be one of the most unique entries for this challenge that I’ve seen and such a wonderful one. I really enjoy reading about Africa and seeing it through your eyes and len(ses).


  4. Also very clever at blending into the bush are elephants – for such big animals I was amazed at how suddenly they could disappear. Not been so close to notice this in lions, but your photos illustrate it well.

  5. Very nice shots. 🙂 I’m actually diving into my Kenya archive, which I thought was entirely digitalized but no. Negatives weren’t. (OMG) So this is a tedious process but I am finding never printed gems. (Future post material)
    Kwaheri sassa Memsahib.

  6. Your lion photos caught my eye now that I have found my way to the land of lions. I am happy to report that I have now managed to see two lions, one male and one female and hope to see more when we return to the parks on Saturday. None of my images are as good as yours as our couple was traveling through the bush, but it was still magnificent to finally experience these gorgeous creatures in the wild for myself. Hugs from SA.

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