29 thoughts on “Finding The Light Among Tall Trees

  1. Shame one can’t print one out.

    At a recent Blogger Anonymous meeting ….

    ”Hello. My name is Tish, and I am glued to my laptop.”

    Be strong, Miss Tish! You can tear yourself away from the laptop for two minutes to make tea. We’re all rooting for you.


  2. Apropos for Halloween, but I’d love to see it in color. I bet it’s even better. Glad you’re warm now. I spent quite some time at the farmers market this morning with a friend who was working there and I get chilled. Having some hot tea now myself. Cheers!


      1. I have a Lumix that I love and admire as well, but this shot seemed to include color… I suppose you can allow one color and ignore the rest. You did this very well!

  3. What a wonderful spooky shot! We never did make it up to the fort. But I do like Croft Castle and the walks around the park and the walled garden. Some fabulous old trees there.

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