30 thoughts on “Blooming November ~ Today Over The Garden Fence

      1. Part of the old Severn Valley Line and the GWR. Most immediately coming from Bridgnorth, running through Ironbridge and then a branch off to Wenlock and thence to Craven Arms and generally heading south. We have a mile or so running beside the Linden Field – this due to the fact that Dr. Wm Penny Brookes inventor of Olympian Games (1852), persuaded the railway chaps in the 1860s to build the line right beside the Olympian field so it would bring thousands of visitors to the games. Back then our quiet enclave of Wenlock would have been bursting with Olympian Special trainloads every July, and otherwise busy transporting limestone and sheep. Wish we still had the railway.

      2. If only rail freight took more of them off the roads….in a few years, this island will be one giant car/lorry park

  1. It was certainly a lovely blue sky day this morning – got cloudier here in the afternoon and I think we will have rain over the weekend. Have to make every moment count at this time of year.

    1. ‘Have to make every moment count at this time of year.’ Definitely. Today I’ve been tidying the garden, and now a lot of it looks rather horrid. Ah well. Here’s to spring!

  2. Looks beautiful! Our skies have had a bit of everything this past week. Sitting here in silence. For the last 7 days a little head has appeared around the door about this time. Sadly they’re home again now and the house needs restoring to rights before the daughter arrives. 😃😃 Have a lovely weekend, Tish xx

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