Gatekeeper, Skipper And Blue And A Mystery Moth For Pete



I found the allotment teeming with bees and butterflies the other evening. As you can see, the butterflies really love the oregano flowers. The little blue butterfly was too skittish for me to get a good photo, but I’m assuming it is a small blue or a common blue.

One of the best thing about Word Press is how one blogger introduces you to another although they are poles apart across the planet. In this case Ark down in Johannesburg who documents his garden’s wildlife visitors (please go and see his latest slide show of some of Africa’s loveliest birds) gave me a nudge to visit Pete Hillman who documents wildlife from his home in Staffordshire, the next door county to mine. He takes very beautiful photos and is a fund of knowledge over what’s what.

So now for my mystery moth. These are rubbish photos due to the high speed whizzy movements of the subject. I’m thinking it is a hawk moth of some sort. It was out late the other morning, pile driving the phlox flowers with a very scary proboscis. Most unnerving. Over to you, Pete…



48 thoughts on “Gatekeeper, Skipper And Blue And A Mystery Moth For Pete

  1. In case you miss the comment as it went into moderation because of a link.
    Probably a Hummingbird Hawk Moth.

    Pete or Brian should confirm for you.

  2. these are beautiful captures, tish. isn’t it lucky that we have the opportunity to share and learn from others all around the globe?

  3. We have hawkmoths here, too, in the US, and yes, they can be unnerving when they hover at you. I’ve never been able to get even a blurry image of one, so just getting the photo is impressive…ours go for the bergamot and the oregano, which is a total escape in the garden, now.

  4. Hi Tish yes a Hummingbird Hawk Moth, tricky to photograph aren’t they! But very beautiful, it’s coming to the time of the year we should see a few more. The blue butterfly is Common Blue, something I never get in my garden! Regards Brian.

  5. I know how hard it is to capture any insect in mid flight. You did a fine job, Tish. Also this is the first day that my own Internet connection is working again.

  6. Hummingbird hawk moths are renowned for being high speed whizzers -it’s a good year for the fragile winged ones in terms of the hot and dry but double edged as the drought is a big threat. Is there plenty of water on your allotment or are you down to the last waterhole? Flies on the other hand will still be here after the next Big Bang and are doing a roaring trade in reproduction -have just come back from Suffolk where fly papers abound – sticky non-insecticidal traps now rather than DDT and other nerve agents that we used to spray around as children!

    1. Hello Laura. Happy birthday! And happy new blog. I must high speed whizz over there. I forgot earlier. And as to flies – a curse on them. Much ducking and diving, cursing and swatting in the Sheinton St kitchen. We do have water on tap at the allotment but it means hauling it about. Will have Popeye sized arm muscles by the end of this heat wave – and all without the spinach which went to seed long ago.

      1. thank you for making me laugh out loud and for your good wishes and support.
        p.s. Rain is promised but so far only one flash of lightning here – not much like an African storm which you would know all about. Hope it heads your way if only to relieve those arms

  7. Thanks for the intro 🙂 🙂 Lovely, delicate colours. We’ve had everyone’s share of rain up here, Tish. It was hammering down, full scale lightning’d skies and even hailstones! No chance of pink moon. 😦

      1. The Red Arrows just made it across the skies at the Sunderland Air Show before it hit! Raining again now 😦 But I’m happy!

  8. Between Garry recovering and some really noxious weather — heat, high humidity, and pouring rain between the hot humid days — I have barely been outside. I’m glad someone is getting outside. I feel like I’m missing the summer. I kind of knew I would, so I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised.

    1. The sense of missing summer seems to go with all the other feelings of things being out of kilter. Even though I’m out and about somewhat, the heat is making me think I’m being confined. Or something of the sort. Things just aren’t right, are they! But at least Garry will be able to hear, which is a huge benefit.

  9. I once had one on Verbena bonariensis and it was incredible! It was slightly intimidating! It reminded me of one of those fighter jets that lifts off the ground vertically.

  10. We got a very large moth inside the house last night, dive-bombing all around the lounge. Eventually by switching all the lights off we persuaded it back into the conservatory, which reminds me I need to have a look and see if it is still there!

    1. I’m amazed how few moths we’ve had in the house despite having the windows open all night for the past 2 months. I wonder what yours was. Perhaps another kind of hawk moth.

      1. I close all the windows before switching lights on! Too many ‘things’ out there! And then open them once I am in bed.

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