News From The North ~ First Day Of Spring?


The lesser celandines have been flowering since December, and never mind three lots of snow dumped on them. It’s all very confusing. To me the opening of these sunny little flowers has always signalled the start of spring, so I’m posting this photo to mark its official, if not the actual arrival on our side of the planet. Am also hoping that Siberia will recall her wind-hounds, and double-quick. Enough icy blasts already.


Some slightly wonky circles in a square for Becky’s March Square #20

51 thoughts on “News From The North ~ First Day Of Spring?

    1. Hello Janet. Today we have bright sun, but there are still drifts of snow about the place. Even so the little daffodils in the front garden have raised their heads again. Good on them!

      1. Yes, a lot of it. I think a few people have been so unfortunate or fortunate depending on how you look at it, to be washed away

  1. Lovely, Tish! The wind hounds from Siberia seem to be heading back home from these parts, but perhaps I’m speaking too soon….😧

  2. Blue sky and super sunshine today, but don’t let that fool you. Ice in the bucket and a frigid wind blowing. My little daffs have raised their heads once more, the hellebore have given up the ghost and half hardy perennials and fuchsias are very brown. Sigh… looks like lots of visits to the nurseries next month. Now do I stick to my plan of a southern hemisphere garden or default to hardy species only.

      1. The dilemma being that we get this sort of weather more often / we don’t get it for another 10 years. Containers could be the answer to some of the more tender plants, then I can bring them indoors. Or move to the Algarve!!

      2. The south of France was my first choice, but I had also heard that they suffered from extremely low temperatures. France appeals to me.

  3. A bright and cheerful flower in a world that is still grey, Tish! Let Siberia recall its wintery blasts, which were blowing in the wrong direction. Have a great week!

      1. No obvious signs yet, the snow is melting, rain in the forecast for tomorrow, the first robin on the snow covered lawn. In short, there is hope.

  4. I have this grotty feeling we are soon going to be freezing our backsides off down here pretty soon ….
    not looking forward to winter this year at all.

      1. More than likely. For the last couple of years we’ve had a totally dry spring with lots of wind to make it even drier. Just now we are sodden. Lots of full water butts though.

  5. Lovely, Tish. Cold and windy here, the latter a fairly regular Chicago-area occurrence. Nothing blooming yet, although the daffs and others are growing every day. Can’t wait until they arrive and hopefully no frosts after that! Happy spring!


  6. Oh, my neck of the woods could have used a few icy blasts at the weekend. 69 houses burnt to the ground in a township 100 km down the coast: configured so like Potato Point. And now it’s cool and raining – almost a nose-thumbing by the weather devils. I thought I’d catch spring in full flight in Warsaw in early April (an unannounced visit for 7 weeks, therefore no mention on my blog), but maybe not.

    1. I can only imagine how awful it would be to have one’s home caught up in a forest fire – devastation material and spiritual. You might not see spring in April, but surely by May…How exciting though. Off to Poland.

      1. Yes, we are freezing here. #4 nor’easter is on the way, but thankfully we should be spared the worst of the storm. Typically March is cold and muddy to start, with temperatures in the 40’s. By the end of the month grass and crocuses are growing. Temperatures are in the 50’s and sometimes flirting with 60. This winter has been hanging on! Thanks, Tish.

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