35 thoughts on “Secret Of Life, The Universe And Everything…

  1. I’m guessing your broadband switch has all gone well then? And the pup? Not yours is it? Love the tagline “Six Go Potty In Pembroke…”

    1. A few little hiccups with broadband switch. However, He Who Deals With The Household Technology says all is now sorted. (Fingers crossed). Puppy belongs to my sister. One week of complete puppy silliness and that was only the humans in the party!

      1. welcome back to dear old Blighty – all is getting well on the home front

    1. We were lucky with the weather (apart from one day of rain) until Saturday when we were coming home, and the big Siberian blast moved in. We’re supposed to see the back of it by then end of today, and promised 8 degrees tomorrow – the first day of spring! Meanwhile, am missing having a cockerpoo to greet me every morning. She makes a very good muff.

  2. I’ve seen my dog react to a stone or piece of mulch in much the same way and I always smile, just as I did when I saw your photo, Thanks, Tish.

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