Frosted Flowers ~ Hesperanthus


All was glittering in the garden this morning – the first real frost of November. There was bright sunshine too, so I went around the flower beds snapping these fragile Hesperanthus. They have been flowering so bravely, though perhaps  not for much longer. Then I stood in the sun at the top of the garden by the field and did some qi gong. It always feels best done outside, and there’s nothing like a bit of cloud hands waving and dancing with rainbows to spark up the spirits. Happy Friday!

27 thoughts on “Frosted Flowers ~ Hesperanthus

  1. had to google that one Tish – all that glitter in your garden is worth the wait for frost. Now I must do some Chi Gung – feeling guilty for the lack of routine

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful, Tish! 🙂 🙂 We have descended into damp here but icy winds at Leeds on Friday night were no welcome home. I spent the evening with my son though, so all’s well… 🙂

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