36 thoughts on “New Take On Bunting In Leominster ~ Wordless Wednesday

      1. How weird. I know Ludlow has an art festival and you often see strange things dotted around the town then. Maybe Leominster does the same?

      1. Good Grief! What a sheltered life you led. And no doubt you are also going to tell me you never got caught having a smoke behind the bike sheds either!

  1. I wouldn’t mind a wardrobe like that! Far more pristine than mine, and brighter than my black. I fear the day when I begin stashing the washing in the biscuit tin – sometimes I think it’s arrived, at least metaphorically.

  2. Sometimes, I get confused. Leominster is a local town, about 40 miles north of us … and of course, we live in Uxbridge and we used to lived in Waltham.

    That picture really looks like painting. And I really like it a lot.

    1. Hi there, Shimon. It was such fun to find this display on an otherwise very ill-lit day. Hope you are well. I am visiting your blog. I just haven’t commented. Been having computer problems for one thing πŸ™‚

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