24 thoughts on “Another Scene From The Old Africa Album ~ Olerai, North Shore Lake Naivasha

      1. What I don’t understand is how they can afford to run them! And my mind boggles at the coverage when we can’t get a decent signal in most rural places here.

  1. Wow! The sky, the skyline, the mountains, the bushes, the field, the people – – so clear and distinct. So beautiful. It is a little hard for me to believe that Kenya has such glory. It seems the camera captures better than my eyes can see.

    1. Hello Peter. How are you? That’s such a lovely comment, but sad too. Because you do live in a beautiful land with fine people. It’s only the few who are making the nightmare. Maybe their days are numbered (?)

      1. I really do hope their days are numbered. But then again, their unrestrained corruption has become ingrained in the rest of the wananchi. If asking for justice and fairness is interpreted as attack on a community, demanding accountability from the leaders makes you subversive – – what does that make the ordinary Kenyans? The vile seeds of corruption, disunity, murder, etc, have been planted and tended, and now they can only grow. It terrifies me.

      2. You put this so eloquently, and I understand precisely what you mean and what you fear. I also see that it is easy for me to say that things may turn out better than you fear. Thinking of you and hoping.

  2. That’s too bad , many countries suffer from the same “illness”, nowadays….
    Let’s hope for some healing antibiotic coming from everyone consciousness on the matter..
    As for the photos they look like something I’ve dreamt of…..but never visited!

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