Monday Magic ~ Red Admiral On Doronicum And A Slice Of This Writer’s Life


So far my Monday has been unusually zippy. This morning I did the final edit on a short story and emailed it off to a literary magazine that specialises in ‘emerging writers’. Because the thing is, and this can be a commonly depressing condition for many long-published, but still unknown writers, after many years of publication, and awards won on three continents – (am especially proud of the Golden Duck for my contribution to children’s science fiction writing,  Write Your Own Science Fiction Stories), I am still emerging. It is a damn slow process too – being half in and half out of my chrysalis. Nor am I entirely sure if those parts which are out  have fully metamorphosed.

Anyway, I was quite pleased with the story and, having despatched it into cyberspace, I then felt free to go gardening for three hours. The allotment is verdant because at last we’ve had rain that has soaked into the soil. The runner and French beans have switched into prolific mode; I have a polytunnel full of groovy little yellow squashes, and the tomatoes are beginning to ripen.

Out on the plots there were butterflies everywhere, and for a while I faffed about with my Canon Ixus running after them in daft-bat mode. I also got the mower out and cut all the paths around my one and half plots – not my favourite task. Then I faffed some more, snapping an artichoke which proved a particularly absorbing subject.

Around 2 pm I thought I ought to head home and provide lunch for He Who Is Teaching Himself To Make Mortise And Tenon Joints So He Can Create A Shed Door, (where would we be without those life enhancing You Tube videos that show you such things as how to skin a dover sole, make almond milk and clean the stairs properly?) And it was then I spotted this Red Admiral on the Doronicum beside said evolving, currently doorless shed.

I am taking the butterfly as inspiration. This is how it will be when I’m full emerged. What I splash I’ll make. How high I’ll fly. Though I do hope for a slightly longer life span. In the meantime here’s a rather fascinating view of life inside a gone-to-seed globe artichoke.


Happy Monday

P.S. Did you spot the web?

41 thoughts on “Monday Magic ~ Red Admiral On Doronicum And A Slice Of This Writer’s Life

  1. Yes….it is there…very delicate weave of silk .Don’t you just feel blessed to come up on these flutters and be able to snap them quickly.
    Please clue me in as to what an allotment is.

    1. Hello bc. Allotment = community garden, lots of separate plots which the town’s residents rent from an allotment association. Originally, historically speaking, they were gardens provided for railway workers by the railway companies, and so usually backed onto railway lines. In Wenlock our railway is long gone, but the Victorian allotment still remains.

      1. Yes, Pete is a mine of info. I told him when I take shots that I know he has too I’ll just link to his spot – saves me trawling the net !
        Oh, and best of luck on the story.

  2. It was a happy Monday thank you – boulders and waterfalls. May your story be smiled upon and you move beyond “emerging” as you fully deserve. That artichoke heart is beyond beautiful, and superbly photographed.

  3. I didn’t but I popped back and the eagle eyes picked it up. I recognised daft bat mode very well though. They just set out to tantalise and tease, those butterflies, don’t they? I never saw a more beautiful close up on an artichoke, Tish. Of course you’ve emerged! I brag to everybody about my writer friend. 🙂 🙂

  4. Hope the mag editors have the sense to recognise your talent and publish!
    From what I’ve seen of butterflies emerging (lots — after our summer of monarch rescue), the actual getting-out-of-the-chrysalis bit is quite brief and followed by a long period of delicate wing-fluttering before they finally take off. Perhaps you’re in the wing-fluttering stage?

  5. I’ve never submitted anything to a magazine, and only a competition once (I was longlisted) It’s too time consuming and competitive for me, but you’re a different level and deserve the recognition. Keep at it Tish, it’s in your reach!

  6. Years of publication, and awards won on three continents, what an achievement, Tish!
    Beautiful butterfly capture, and the web is incredibly cool. 🙂

  7. What a shot. I know I’m no expert on photography, but for me the subject is the most important thing, and you always present interesting subjects. Finally saw the web. That spider has a gold mine.

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