Thursday’s Special ~ Pick-A-Word At Penmon Point

P1060605 (3)

This buoy at Penmon Point, on the Menai Strait in Anglesey tells shipping to be vigilant – the channel between the main island and Puffin Island is too shallow for passage. The lighthouse says so too in a big notice on its topmost white stripe (out of shot):



This month Paula’s pick a word at Lost in Translation includes: branching, vigilant, pomp, hooked and continual. So I’m laying claim to them all – distantly branching wind turbines off the Great Orme, the need to be vigilant in these waters, the hooked profile of the bay, and the continual ebb and flow of the tide. And as for pomp, well I think the lighthouse has plenty of it.

But for a truly outstanding interpretation of these prompts, please visit Paula, and enjoy her Venetian gallery.

22 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special ~ Pick-A-Word At Penmon Point

  1. Ha! And you had you had a difficult time coming up with these! Don’t believe you, cause you rock. Your landscapes are wonderfully exciting. I have never seen a shot with lighthouse and wind turbines together. Quite a sight, and quite a capture. Thank you, master 🙂

  2. Love looking at photos of the sea. How many birds do you suppose are flying in that picture of the buoy. I was imagining they could be sounding the alarm for all passers by to hear.

  3. blue and sensational should also be included in your word list Tish – clever weaving of words through your images.
    p.s. is it just me or others finding it hard to comment from the WP reader? Not that I mind as its always better to ‘visit’ you instead 🙂 Happy weekend – thunder and summer rains here so the gardens are lapping it up.

    1. Thanks for coming over, Laura. I’ve not tried commenting from the reader. Shall give it go. And yes – some real rain at last! Happy weekend to you too.

  4. That’s a delicious looking lighthouse, Tish! It positively sparkles off the page 🙂 Love the second to last, as well. 🙂 🙂 A productive weekend?

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