Oh No! The Poppies’ Frocks Are Blowing Off

Last night as I was snapping the foxgloves outside the garden, a keen wind blew up. Inside the garden the oriental poppies were in complete disarray – a veritable strip-tease was going on. Of course it often happens – just when the poppies are looking their best, we have gale or deluge, and the garden party ends up a complete wash-out: everyone with draggled skirts, hair-dos shot and mascara smudged.





But the good news is – when I got up this morning…




…there were new girls on the block, including one in lipstick pink. How could I have forgotten  that she would be coming along? Although how she got herself in with the salmon pink crowd I do not know.

While I’m here, I’ll pass on an oriental poppy gardening tip for those of you that grow them, and may not know: if, when the poppies have finally finished flowering, you cut the plants right down to the ground, you will be treated to a late summer flush.

Cee’s Flower Of The Day  Please visit Cee to see her lovely flower shots, and leave links to your own.

29 thoughts on “Oh No! The Poppies’ Frocks Are Blowing Off

  1. I think we’re on the same page this week Tish. Yesterday I was posting the windswept look on Instagram. I don’t use it much but sometimes if I haven’t my camera and an irresistible sight appears… xx

      1. I don’t know that I’ve actually got to grips, Tish, but the world loves a trier. 🙂 And my husband says there’s noone more trying than me. He’d know! 🙂

  2. Flower of the day indeed, and you anthropomorphise (what’s the female version of this?) them beautifully. That single one with just one petal missing is a particularly superb photo, as is the one with folded petals and copper-sulphate blue onlookers. I share with poppies: the day after my hair looks perfect, it needs a trim. Invariably.

    1. Thanks as ever, Meg, for your appreciative comments. I have similar hair problems too. And my fancy frock moments don’t last either, though fortunately they have never blown off 🙂

  3. I’m crazy about poppies, but for whatever reason, I’ve had no luck with them leaving me to admire other people’s.

    1. That’s sad they won’t grow. They can be impossible to germinate. Sometimes I wonder if you don’t just have to wait for them to arrive of their own accord 🙂

  4. Your title made me giggle! I love poppies but fear it is too windy up here to do them justice. I shall admire yours though from the stillness of my chair 🙂

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