Tonight Over The Garden Wall ~ The Foxglove Garden

A week ago the wilderness garden behind our house was all columbines. They went to seed very quickly and now it’s the foxgloves’ turn – along with the Dame’s Violets and the slender spires of purple toadflax. All self-sown and grown. I’m rather taken with the foxglove on the right, the one  with creamy lips. I must remember to collect some seed, though there’s no knowing how its offspring will turn out.



The white foxgloves are lovely too. They have lime green speckles inside each flower.


And finally a view looking out over the garden wall as the sun goes down over Wenlock Edge.

19 thoughts on “Tonight Over The Garden Wall ~ The Foxglove Garden

  1. Beautiful. I love wild flowers.
    I think it is in one of Sir Terry’s Tiffany Aching books, Tiffany’s granny disapproved of picking wild flowers, her reasoning being that, if the creator wanted you to pick flowers he would have made more.
    What marvelous skewed logic!

    1. Oh I remember reading that particular Prachett. Tiffany is a spiffing character. Wee Free Men.. It also had some deeply serious passages in it – wonderfully written.

      1. The heath at the end of the road at my grandmother’s was full of flowers in spring and summer.
        No foxgloves but loads of other stuff.

    2. Was thinking of you earlier when I was planting out my cosmos seedlings at the allotment. They don’t seem to self-seed here as yours do, so one has to sow afresh every year.

      1. I wonder they won’t self seed? We are almost into winter here and we still have a few cosmos sprouting!
        Global warming, methinks.

  2. What a clause: “as the sun goes down over Wenlock Edge”. Reminds me of the power of the first sentence in “Out of Africa”. And you’re right: there’s no knowing how offspring will turn out.

    1. It’s a bit like having an art show, though I noticed last night that there were some big brutes of thistles moving in from the field. But then they can be magnificent too, as long as one chops them down before they cover the place in thistle down. To weed or not to weed…

  3. You have some lovelies there Tish, I really like that pale edged one – they seem to be all purple around here, but maybe I need to go on a hunt.

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