Does My Beehind Look Big in this?


Up at the allotment the globe artichokes we did not eat earlier in the summer are flowering, and the Red-tailed Bumblebees think all their breakfasts have come at once. In fact they’re trying to scoff them all at once too. The flower, after all, is a VERY BIG thistle. This makes me wonder if the huge expanse of ultra-violet attractant doesn’t over-stimulate the foraging impulse, thus explaining the manic bee rootling  that has them scrabbling, bottoms up, through the petal forest to reach the sweet stuff beneath.


Those with longer legs seem to cope best, but I’ve already had to rescue two. They seem to become mired in the petals. Either that or they’re simply spaced out on the sugar rush.



Macro Monday over at Jude’s

17 thoughts on “Does My Beehind Look Big in this?

  1. The bees are very busy enjoying their feast. I never gave it much thought about artichokes, if not picked, goes to blooms. I go to the market by artichokes and eat then eat them. Their blooms are beautiful, no wonder the bees are drawn to them. Great pics Tish and I love the title of your blog.


  2. Good one, Tish. If artichokes weren’t so tasty, I think more people would let them flower because they’re so beautiful. That color is gorgeous!

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