In Looking Glass Land in Kensington Gardens: Anish Kapoor Revisited


100_1453 - Copy

Yes, this is me in the hat, snapping myself inside Anish Kapoor’s wonderful C-Curve installation. To see more of the C-Curve go HERE and join me in Looking Glass Land.  And yes, this was just an excuse to show again this brilliant piece of public art – the kind that invites you in makes you part of the picture.

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39 thoughts on “In Looking Glass Land in Kensington Gardens: Anish Kapoor Revisited

    1. Glad you like it Suzanne. On the earlier Anish post ‘object, subject, object’, there’s a link to the other wonderful works in the exhibition. It was so cold that day we didn’t actually feel like walking across the park to visit them which is a great shame.

  1. This is fabulous; I really enjoy Anish Kapoor’s work (though there’s not much change down here in NZ. I did go to Gibbs Farm Sculpture Park north of Auckland where ‘Dismemberment Site 1’ is located. The scale is absolutely amazing! A friend and I stood at the “mouth” kind of looked at each other and both said, “a bottle of detergent, a hose and this would make the best slide ever.” And who said middle aged women have no sense of fun!

    1. Isn’t it just. If you look at the link to the earlier post on Anish I think there’s a link to the three other wonderful creations that were part of that particular exhibition.

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