Backlit From The Wenlock Archive


This week Ann-Christine at Lens-Artists wants to see our backlit subjects – always an appealing approach as far as Mrs. Farrell’s concerned. This year, though, the sun has been so tricksy – more going than coming – there seem to have been few chances for new naturally  backlit shots.

Which means dipping into the archive: a Much Wenlock retrospective in other words; I know some of you won’t mind revisiting Sheinton Street.


Underneath the Horse Chestnut tree, last summer on the old railway line



Wild Arum Lily/Cuckoo Pint/Lords and Ladies last spring on Windmill Hill



Evereste Crab Apple blossom over the garden fence



On the kitchen table: lilac and hawthorn blossom



Looking up into the ‘upstairs’ garden: lemon balm and montbretia leaves



Winter sunset in the Sytche Lane rookery



Late summer sunset on Townsend Meadow with nettles

Lens-Artists: Backlit

49 thoughts on “Backlit From The Wenlock Archive

  1. I’m always happy to revisit Wenlock with you and these archive shots certainly meet the brief. I love the horse chestnut leaves and sunsets in particular 🙂

  2. A glorious collection of backlit beauties, Tish. Every one well composed and in elegant colours. I love all of them, but have to mention those that really took my breath away – the tulips, the chestnut tree, the rookery, and my dream – your kitchen table with lilacs and hawthorn. That vase with flowers and the window behind would make a wonderful painting.

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