Still Life After The Allotment



I’m still pondering on how I feel about giving up my allotment. Hmm.

But then given the long, wet and laboured lead up to spring, I know the soil on my plots will be cold and claggy and in no way suitable for any kind of cultivation. Probably for weeks yet. I also know the wind will be whistling up there, and I can do without the added chill factor. Yet there’s no denying it (as I look at these photos), we’re going to miss the produce, freshly gathered as needed and all grown without the taint of pesticide.









We do have a small garden at our rented house, and I’ve already sown lettuce, rocket and spinach in big buckets. I have them covered in a large plastic covered cloche affair, and they’ve all germinated despite unpromising temperatures. I’m also going to get carrots going in large pots (they anyway often work better in containers) and peas in seed trays for sprouts. Yesterday I sowed cherry tomato seeds (in heated trays on the kitchen cupboard) and hope to plant them out along the sheltered walled border, though at this rate probably not till June!  And then there might be room for some French climbing beans.

On the other hand, we might suddenly find we’ve bought a house. In which case, my (mostly) portable garden will be moving with us.

Lens-Artists #246: Still Life  This week Patti sets the theme, a favourite with me when it comes to photographing garden produce. I’m sure I’m not the only one to see beauty in freshly dug new potatoes.

51 thoughts on “Still Life After The Allotment

  1. I LOVE that first image, Tish! Vibrant, lovely colour palette….what’s not to love! And the other images of your produce have me envious of such delicious non pesticided fresh fruit and veg!

  2. Many years on, I still miss our allotment. And then I think about the weather, and I don’t any more. But yes, I miss the produce – perhaps particularly the freshly -dug humble potato.

  3. Such fab photos Tish, I always envied your edible produce and it’s good to hear that there is no stopping you. Portable gardening is the way to go.

  4. I agree with Teresa. A lovely ode to your garden! Your produce looks so fresh and delicious. I want to try some right now! Good luck with your portable garden. It’s in very capable hands, I can see. And good luck with finding a new home. 🙂

  5. I drooled over those photos Tish, they just glow, and I know what it is like to give up your garden, but container gardening is so much easier to control. 8 months down the track from moving in to our apartment I now appreciate having more time without the garden to care for. Good luck with the house hunting.

    1. Many thanks, Pauline. You weren’t far from my thoughts when we were busy moving, and I was mentally withdrawing from the garden and the allotment. It’s good to know you’ve moved on in all senses, and I know you have plenty of creative pursuits that you can now nurture.

  6. I don’t think I ever imagined veggies as subjects for portraits. Maybe you just had extremely photogenic vegetables? But your pictures made me HUNGRY 😀 I yearn for potatoes and those perfect sweet peppers.

  7. And so closes the chapter on Tales from the Allotment. Now I look forward to Stories from the Garden Patch. Stunning captures, Tish – I am particularly fascinated by the mushroom. I don’t think I’ve seen them dans la nature before (my experience is supermarket shelves, I’m afraid).

  8. So many fresh vegetables and fruits to eat. You must have spent happy hours there and are continuing to do so in your garden. That is nice. Hope you are able to buy a house with a garden.

  9. You are right, nothing finer than fresh colorful veggies from the garden. And yes, even the potatoes are fun. I have had to relearn a bit of gardening in containers as well. It works and is fun, and hopefully that new home is on the horizon.

  10. Ah….they shine, all of them! So well arranged and photographed – and tasty. The first one is magnificent, and the cauliflower and potatoes moody and lovely.

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