Winter Sea


Finishing the year with a photo that began it, taken during our New Year break at Aberffraw on the North Wales island of Anglesey. It’s a place you can always rely on for some stunning light effects, even in winter. Last January did not disappoint, though we had some gales too. Here are some of the more peaceful on-the-beach moments.



Here’s wishing you glowing horizons, whatever your outlook.

Lens-Artists: Last Chance

This week Tina gives us the opportunity to post any 2022 photos of our choice, though not ones previously posted for this challenge. Please take a look at her lovely gallery of photos.

27 thoughts on “Winter Sea

  1. Beautiful scene Tish, would make a lovely Christmas card. Don’t know about you but we’re in for a VERY frosty holiday this year. Quite unusual here in the southern US but feels very festive! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and all the best in the new year.

  2. Thank you for a wonderful year of photos! Have a great Christmas, and a happy and healthy New year! Cora and Brian ashford

  3. No, I didn’t. But I get an insane amount of email every day — hundreds. Unsubscribing doesn’t work. Even calling is spam doesn’t seem to help. I swear all that happens in that we get even more of the stuff we didn’t want in the first place. So I do miss things because when the number of emails climbs over 400 I begin to panic and just start to do mass deletes.

    Thanks for sending a link!

    I wish someone would come up with a solution to stopping the insane amount of email. It used to be that an email was a communication. NOW, you get a message telling you there will be a “real” message, a second warning of an upcoming message, the message and at least one or two follow-ups reminding you you’ve been messaged. You used to get notified of sales. Now, they tell you there’s a sale. They remind you twice daily there’s a sale coming — and then you start to get messages on the hour.

    Death to BOTS!

      1. Short of changing my email address — which really doesn’t solve any problems because they find you anyway — yes, it IS bane. It’s overwhelming and I don’t think it accomplishes anything. I don’t think if I didn’t want to donate (vote for, buy, etc) the first time I got the notification, sending me half a dozen more is most likely to make me resentful and NEVER willing to deal with those people.

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