Rooftops And Chimney Pots


We have had masses of rains lately, so not much walking, but yesterday afternoon we were treated to an unscheduled burst of sunshine. We popped into town for some milk, and on the way home up Sheinton Street, this back-garden cherry tree caught my eye. And then the chimney pots with the sun on them, plus the odd visual juxtaposition of Wenlock Priory ruins, and the surviving roof-height elevation of the south transept (just to the left of the tree).

Walking Squares #16ย  Please join Becky on her November walks.


26 thoughts on “Rooftops And Chimney Pots

  1. I wondered where our sunshine had gone, Tish. You’ve got it, and you’re very welcome! I was astounded to see my first cherry blossom of the season today. It normally has the decency to wait at least till late December.

      1. Good to hear you’ve got some rain, though ‘chilly’ sounds more like our neck of the woods than yours. We are fine, though the shamba is a quagmire and the leeks have been afflicted by allium beetles, the rotters.

      2. I remember some of those roads. Graham was doing his smut survey (during an El Nino phase) around Kiambu and Escarpment. Only the trusty old land rover could cope with the road slips and mud.

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