The Linden Walk After Rain



The Linden Walk is just across the road from our house. And of course it is its own walk, so all I had to do for today’s ‘walking square’ was lean on the park gate and take its picture.



Walking Squares #17 Lots of fine foliage too over at Becky’s

25 thoughts on “The Linden Walk After Rain

      1. That would be funny but I’m seconds away from a message from a friend who slipped on rocks on the beach this afternoon and fractured her ankle! No fun in Faro hospital 😗💕

      1. I get bored with my local walks, I think I know every inch of the lanes around me, but there is usually always something different depending on the light or the season.

  1. isn’t it lovely, a wonderful one to have on your walking list.

    have you had the storms today, or have you avoided them. We’ve had sunshine all day and yet West Sussex had had torrential rain

    1. In Wenlock we had wetness and murk, but this morning when we went over the Edge to Church Stretton it was fine and almost sunny. We came back to the murk and wetness, Interesting how localised the weather is in a space less than 20 miles.

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