Winter On The Edge

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The National Trust owns the north-east facing scarp of Wenlock Edge. There’s a good path along the summit which, in gaps through the trees, offers stunning views of north-east Shropshire. It also skirts the old limestone quarries which now provide quarters for, among others, a garden fencing company and an outfit turning trees into pellets for industrial wood burners. The quarry enterprises are by no means scenic, but they have a certain drama. The National Trust trail and map are HERE.


Looking towards the North Shropshire Plain and the Wrekin




Edge Renewables


IMG_1946 - sq

Walking Squares #8  Join Becky on her daily November walks

17 thoughts on “Winter On The Edge

  1. It looks awfully chilly in these photos. I know I have parked in that car park just outside of town, but I don’t think I walked very far along the Edge.

    1. Many thanks for that lovely compliment, Alison. We’ve not reached winter yet (photos from the archive). But lots of pouring autumn rain instead, tho we’re promised a so-called heat wave later in the week – warm air from Europe wafting our way and 16-17 C.

      1. I’ve just done a quick search and so far found three different answers! From 1890s taverns in America to farmers to WW1 soldiers in the trenches. Guess no one knows!

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