Corvedale In Late April


Driving up and out of Wenlock yesterday and suddenly all of Corvedale  stretched before us. And so much of it YELLOW!

And so it seems that despite a wild and windy spring, followed by the last two weeks of dry and chilly weather, the oil seed rape is blooming. Its heady scent filled the car as we headed to The Crown at Munslow for a family lunch. The fields of it were everywhere, filling our sights as we rounded bend after bend on the narrow lane, shocking the vision at every turn. Then to the south, there was Clee Hill, rising serenely above a lemony sea. It made us wonder what Van Gogh might have made of this landscape, or if in fact the crop is having the last word: that there is little more to be said about yellow. IMG_0387re

27 thoughts on “Corvedale In Late April

    1. Good question. Though I understand sunflower oil does have a tendency to go rancid quite quickly. This may also apply to rape of course (?) Will we end up with a lard shortage next (?)

  1. Beautiful post Tish! I’ve been trying to contact you via Facebook messenger. Could you look at your messages for my attempts and my email. It is regarding LAPC. I hope we can connect soon. Anne

    1. We always buy English rapeseed oil. I wonder how much of it comes from those very fields? My poor husband suffers something rotten in rape flowering season, but I do enjoy the vibrant yellow.

      1. I commiserate with your husband. Some people are horribly afflicted by rape pollen. It seems to be the crop of choice for farmers this year – very high prices too.

  2. What a gorgeous vista .
    And off to the pub, too!
    Ah, now wouldn’t that be nice?
    “Pint of Boddingtons and a Ploughmans.”

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