Today Over The Garden Fence


There may be a lingering chilliness on the wind, but in the upstairs garden crab apple tree Evereste  is in full floral finery. I don’t remember seeing her quite so blossom laden.  And she’s already attracting a few bees and sundry bugs, all calling in for their spring pollen fix. So if anyone is thinking of a crab apple tree for their garden, then Evereste  is a real treasure. She’s compact too, for despite the suggestion of gigantism in the name, she only grows about 10 feet (3 metres) tall.




17 thoughts on “Today Over The Garden Fence

  1. Oh, I loved our crab apple tree in our last house – not an Evereste however. But the neighbours couldn’t understand that the point of the tree for us was its fruits, which we made into jellies and relishes of all kinds. They left theirs to rot beneath the tree – unless I snaffled them.

    1. Nothing quite like crab apple jelly for deliciousness. And that’s the only limitation of Evereste. She has lots of lovely, but perfectly miniaturised apples, and so only of use to add to hedgerow gatherings. We tend to leave them to the birds, which of course gives us something else to look at in the winter.

  2. I have been wanting a crab apple for a few years now, but unsure where I’d plant one. It’s probably going to have to be a container one, so Evereste is suitable apparently. Looks gorgeous too.

  3. She’s a beauty, Tish. When we lived in Ohio, the three blocks next to our were lined with crabapple trees so we could enjoy their beauty but not have all the fruit rotting in our yard. 🙂 Win-win. I don’t know what sort, so I don’t know if they were the kind for cooking/jelling or not.

    1. I think all crab apples are good for jelling unless they happen to be too small and therefore fiddly. But a street lined with the trees must have been a wonderful sight in spring time.

  4. Tish, how beautiful it is especially the close-up shots. We used to have a gigantic one in our front yard in Indiana and my grandmother made crab apple jelly each year. I was about 2 when I threw a fit and drew quite a crowd of onlookers who thought I was hurt (according to my mother). Apparently, some neighbor boys, “stole” some of the crab apples off our tree. They never did it again! 🙂

      1. You nailed me! I got a little nailed by my mom for being so selfish, too. That was a much harder lesson to learn. Still working on it. 🙂

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