The Beach At Aberffraw ~ January Sunset


As I may have mentioned, once or several times, the January winds during our recent trip to Anglesey were vicious; not only the fearsome bluster but also the endless fusillade of icy darts that penetrated every ill protected piece of flesh. But they could not be avoided. My sister’s cockapoo needed walks, and coming equipped with built-in woolly suit, she did not give a fig for gales and freezing sea pools. If anything, they spurred her on: much racing and paddling and digging. It was hard not find such energy and all-round canine joy infectious. And then when we reached the beach beyond the dunes and estuary, there were sights like this: Celtic Sea sundowner; next stop Ireland. Tempest or not, how could this be missed. It had been so long since we’d seen and smelled the sea.

We weren’t the only ones to feel excited:


27 thoughts on “The Beach At Aberffraw ~ January Sunset

    1. It was a good light moment, that’s for sure, Ark.
      Result courtesy of ancient little Canon that I keep because it has a proper view-finder, though is otherwise a pain for running (out fast) on AA batteries.

  1. what a shot, just about makes up for the bitterly cold winds – but there again maybe not. I am turning into a bit of a softie now, blame our Portuguese winter sojourns, and so anything below 10 degrees I think is freezing!!

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