There’s A Storm Coming…


This week the icy currents have retreated. Instead we have storms. I was at the allotment yesterday when this one crept up on me. I was planting out some pea seedlings, the skies ahead sunshiny blue, and all well with the world, but when I turned round:


Heavens! A swift retreat looked called for. Lately the rain has come in sudden deluges of tropical ferocity, the sort of downpours that leave you soaked no matter how water-proofed you think you are. I’ve been caught out before between allotment and home. For sure it’s only a five minute hike across Townsend Meadow, but it’s amazing how much wetter than wet you can get in that short space.

So home it was, the storm on my heels.

But it was only a tease. Almost home and scarcely a drop, I stopped to take the header photo and watched the storm slip over the Edge.

It came back later though: hail, thunder, downpour. During an early evening lull I went out into the garden. The birds were singing. It was almost warm; the sky looked amazing: so many shades of grey. And then it started to rain again.


29 thoughts on “There’s A Storm Coming…

  1. My Gran used to have a Dutch or German Weather House on the mantelpiece, that used to fascinate me as a child. Don’t know what the characters would make of the current very changeable weather. They wouldn’t know whether they were coming or going 😊

  2. What about the pea plants? Hail does bad things to a garden as well as roofs and cars and anything else in the path. But…Aren’t the dark clouds pretty?

    1. Yes, the hail can mince plants in no time. Luckily I’d thought to put some protection round them, though was thinking of keeping pigeons off them rather than hail.

  3. It’s been a funny old spring this year. We see those black clouds rolling in from the south-west, when often the sly is blue over the sea to the north. Fascinating to watch. But not to be caught out in!

  4. I love the simple beauty of that first shot. I’m heading back to Illinois for a visit in just under a week and they have a chance of rain the first four days I’m there (can’t see more than that on the weather app). Just to have a possibility of rain that many days is exciting, although between possible rain and cooler temperatures, packing will take some thought. 🙂 Looking forward to it, though.


      1. ah yesterday for us wasn’t too bad – today on the other hand. Just keep telling myself that the trees will be happy

  5. Moody greys. Those clouds look amazing. Incidentally, it rained so hard in Sheffield yesterday that it woke me up, and then even managed to get inside my dreams so that, while still in that liminal half-awake place just this side of sleep, for a moment I honestly thought the house was being pelted by boiled vegetables!

    1. Now there’s an image that might stick in my mind! A pelting veg worm. But really some of the downpours have been incredibly fierce. Sun here today though.

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