27 thoughts on “Wet poppy sort of a day

    1. They are one of my self-gardening favourites. I don’t mind how much they spread. I think the originals came from my aunt’s Exeter garden so I’m surprised you haven’t got them too down in Cornwall. On the other hand, she was a bit of a plant pilferer of things from ‘up north’ so maybe her garden was a southerly outpost.

      1. Seen them in Kent, Lake District and Wales, but not locally. I keep looking out for seeds, maybe I can get some online.

      2. Or if that doesn’t work, maybe I can send you some later in the year when they’ve made some pods. I find ebay good for seeds etc. They seem to keep going until late in the season.

  1. It really does seem that spring is very slow in coming this year. We are having (mostly) warm(ish) days, but we are still getting freeze warnings at night. Flowers are coming up, but so slowly!

  2. Just the thought of a wet sort of day brings me joy. 🙂 We visited a desert arboretum today (very early to avoid the heat or most of it) and it was just delightful. Photos when I get a chance. Low 90s F today, so still willing to share 10 degrees or so.


    1. More of your excess would be welcome, Janet, and I can see why rain would delight. Actually we’re glad to have some too. We’ve had none for many weeks. The only problem, when it started here, it came in a deluge, preceded be sleet and hail.

  3. oh isn’t it marvellous even when it is drooping, and I didn’t realise there were some that flowered so early. Rather fabulous

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