19 thoughts on “Horn Of A Dilemma? Up A Bit…Left A Bit…

  1. This is so funny!
    I think I might have mentioned before, Tish, that I think Highland cows are just the cutest! When I first visited the Scotland highlands in the 90s, that was the highlight of my trip – spotting my next highland cow!

  2. Lovely funny photos. I still think someone should trim that fringe. Needless to say we have headed into another lockdown just as I was about to book a hair cut!

  3. This is why humans have a back brush in the shower or a back scratcher somewhere in the bedroom. 🙂 Usually I see cattle rubbing up against a fence to scratch an itch. The other thought that came to mind is all those people waiting for it to be safe enough to see their hair stylists. 🙂 I actually watched a couple videos online and venture to cut my own after well over a year without a cut. Thankfully it’s turned out well both times. 🙂


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