Another Snow Day In Wenlock


By this morning most of yesterday’s snow had washed away in the rain. But then back it came at midday, leaving a layer deep enough for some happy sledging on Windmill Hill and giant snowball rolling in the Linden Field. Wenlock dogs were fizzing with delight and even the grown-up humans were having a good play. Nothing like a snowball fight if you’re well wrapped up. And it was bitterly cold this afternoon even as the trees began to drip and drip.

I had only popped out in the garden to photograph the crab apples, but one thing led to another, and soon I was heading for the Linden Walk, and then across the old railway line towards the Priory ruins. And while I was there I thought I’d carry on and have a wander round the Church Green, and see if I could get a photo of the Prior’s House from over the graveyard wall.

Time passed as I stood to watch the Highland Cattle tuck into their silage. So did lunch-time. He who binds books and lives in my house was very glad when I finally did turn up to make some soup. I made no excuses for absence without explanation. Nor did he expect any. He knows as well as I do:  you have to make the most of snow-days. The only thing lacking was a spot of sunshine to brighten up the place. Now as I write this, a frost has set in for the night, and there’s a fat moon shining over the Linden Field.






44 thoughts on “Another Snow Day In Wenlock

  1. Hello
    it is often like that; we just go out to admire something, then we take one more step, then another and so on.
    In the end we go out sometimes for an hour, or even more: D
    How lucky also for you to have snow like this and therefore to be able to enjoy embellished landscapes
    Here I am in a new area. Mountains for me, but hills for the locals /
    The mountains, the real ones, are a little further away. Maybe in a while I will go see them hoping that there is a lot of snow

    1. Greetings, Yoshimi. You have described exactly what happened with me today. I hope you are settling in your new home. It is good if you practice with the hills. Then you will be ready one day for the mountains 🙂

  2. There is something compelling about snow photos, you just have to keep on looking for new vistas until before you know it your nose and fingers are frozen and you can no longer click the button on the camera. Then it is time to head home. Toasted crumpets, hot chocolate with a dash of something and more soup. A perfect day.

    1. He is not a great venturer-outer. He really was busy re-binding a book – niece’s long-ago notebook compiled aged 7 when she visited us in Kenya. So a different order of allure all its own 🙂

  3. Not sure if you know how happy and envious this makes me, Tish, but you probably can. However, I’ll console myself that most people are envying me and the temperatures here in Arizona. 🙂


  4. Aaahhhh lovely! Nothing like a good snowfall to get winter started. Having said that I’ll be pleased if we get through the winter here without any snow (it is possible) – Vancouver drivers have no idea how to drive in the snow and the roads are a huge mess.
    All the best for the new year Tish. May 2021 be better!

    1. I agree about the aftermath of snow. It’s always grim. At least we have sun today and what’s left of the snow seems to be on the retreat. There is of course the old English saying: where snow lies, there will always be more to take it away.

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