The Changing Seasons: December 2020


Here are some of the many photos taken in the last few days in my various spheres of activity. First: snow scenes in the Linden Field.







And in and out the garden, over the garden fence:








And up at the allotment and surrounding vistas:






And finally my Happy New Year photo: all the very best to everyone in 2021.



The Changing Seasons: December 2020


48 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons: December 2020

  1. I love those unexpected bursts of color… probably a good metaphor for this time in history. Everything seems so dark, or bleak, but then a bit of light breaks through. Wishing you and yours a blessed and healthy 2021.

  2. A wonderful winter portfolio.
    I’ll keep my sunglasses and iced tea shots to myself then, shall I?

    Here’s wishing you a marvelous New Year, dear Tish. All the very best to you and Mister G.

    1. Well we did need the sunglasses today, but have more than enough iciness thank you. However we made up for the wintery cold by tucking into very fattening Christmas cake and HOT tea. So it snow days have their good points. Apart from which, am reciprocating all your good wishes, Ark: all the very best to you and all the family for 2021.

      1. Well we did need the sunglasses today,
        To shield from the sun’s glare off the snow and ice, no doubt?

        We will shortly be retiring to the stoep (dontcha know?,) partaking off homemade burgers and chips (my new taters!) , and catemba, with mince pies and custard to follow as we bring in the new year.
        I just wish it was going to be a little quieter as the nutters with their perishing firecrackers will soon be going at it hell for leather.

  3. Proper winter scenes! We don’t see many like this now. And I love the optimistic Calendula – still flowering on in my garden too! All the best to your and HWBS as we soldier on into the future…

  4. I love that I feel I know the allotment and these vistas from your blog and you and G better through our dreamlike meeting! Yes, best to you Tish. Thanks for sharing these warm, fresh-baked treats with the world. We’re a better place for it! Bill

    1. It’s very lovely to sense some element of your self wafting by in Much Wenlock. Many African traditions have the notion of travelling in ‘the spirit way’. I think this could well be a facility to nurture in the immediate future if not beyond.

      1. I seem to recall Wenlock comes from Welsh (Saxon times) origins – the white chapel in the vale. Lots of esoteric spirit stuff back in the day, as in 600 CE or thereabouts. In fact even earlier when the Romans were abroad in what is now the town. That’s quite a delicious shivery thought – all those ghost-layers.

  5. Tish, you do these B&W photos so well. I find the first shot, the berry shot, and the stone building shot, and the barbed wire shot especially effective. I just love these entire series. You make me realize I really need to try B&W more. Maybe next year. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you, Janet. The editing has a lot to do with the b & w photos. I’ve recently discovered over-exposure can have some interesting effects. Also adding the slightest tint which I’d been doing for a while.

  6. Your snowy portfolio has captured the feeling and spirit of your winter season Tish. A time of the year when you can really appreciate roast dinners and hot chocolate tucked up in front of a roaring fire. Best wishes for 2021

    1. Ooh, hot chocolate. How could I have forgotten, us who have embraced and entrenched a habit of lockdown-chocolate-bar-scoffing. It’s definitely a day for some today.
      All the best to you and Jack. Chin-chin!

  7. Lovely colour in all that white, Tish! At least we can keep ourselves going with the colour and the change of seasons and all the thrilling sensations and comforts they bring!

    Best for the coming year! Sarah

    1. Indeed all those things that are so nourishing and nurturing. All the very best to you, Sarah. And thank you for all the fabulous and extraordinary art introductions you have blessed us with in 2020. Food for the mind and the spirit and for the soul.

  8. I love your very atmospheric post, Tish, and the fact that you’ve been able to even get off the couch to get outside. I do like some cold weather but snowy walks and mid-winter gardening are beyond my comprehension. πŸ™‚ On the other hand, it is perfect weather for hearty winter soups and I am sure you have heaps of veggies stored for that purpose.
    I am very taken with those snow/frost covered seed heads, as well as your cheery red crab apples against the snowy white backdrop.
    Best wishes for 2021, Tish.

    1. Hello Tracy. Those frosty-snowy teasel heads are very beguiling aren’t they. And yes lots of allotment produce soup happening here. All the very best to you and yours for 2021. I’ve really enjoyed all your (and TL’s) stunning photos.

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