49 thoughts on “After The Storm A Quietness Of Snow

      1. I hate sloshy snow. The deep and crisp and even stuff is good. We have pepper an butternut squash soup for lunch, it is very tasty. I bet you can whip up a soup quickly with things from the allotment.

  1. Beautiful photo, Tish, one that makes me realize how much I miss snow and that quiet you mention. One morning before we moved to Arizona in March, we had a very good snow and I made it to the park before anyone else had been there. It was stunningly beautiful and pervaded by that quiet. I could scarcely contain my joy and it was the perfect going away present.


  2. Really cool photo. The effect of the snow on the crab apples (?) is great.
    In complete contrast, it pipped 32c and at around 5 we had a humongous Highveld storm!

  3. So beautiful, Tish, so beautiful! I feel the stillness, the quiet…an absolutely peaceful image. Gosh how I miss that feeling. Thank you for delivering it.

    1. I was thinking of you and your lack of snow. It’s a fairly rare happening here, except on high ground. Though a few years ago we did have 3 separate large snow falls, after years of none. Last year the snow returned to Kilimanjaro after years with little or none.

      1. Oh that’s so lovely of you! Would love meet up in your gorgeous domain. Apart from which, it’s freezing here today. We’re not very used to frostiness these days.

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