Exemplars Of The Stripy Kind

sq Grevy's zebra 2 - Copy (2)

The light was almost gone when we came upon this gathering of Grevy’s zebras. They are the largest and most northerly members of the zebra family, distinguished by their large round ears, close-set stripes, and plain white undercarriages. They inhabit the dry savannah and bush of northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia.

When we spotted them again there was too much light – full on midday sun. But you can see the tip of Mount Kenya in the background. Astonishing to know it is 17,000 feet tall and that this is all you see of it from Lewa Downs.


KindaSquare #23

35 thoughts on “Exemplars Of The Stripy Kind

    1. Yes, very much their own zebra, Grevy’s. Slightly different life-styles too, living in small female groups with foals, and males in bachelor herds until they can secure a territory.

  1. Aren’t they something with those big round ears! I will admit I did not know there were different kinds of zebras. Your photo is perfect. As if the zebra is posing for you and perfectly framed by the zebra gang.

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