Feeling Kinda Growly

sq Marsh Pride male 1

We found ourselves driving through the midst of the Mara’s Marsh Pride at high noon, its members surprisingly active given the usual lion habit of spending the day lying around. They had made a kill, an antelope of some kind, and the ‘under-lions’ were still eating: one very elderly male and three females – while the dominant male prowled the perimeter, exchanging grunt-like roars with another male who was lying in the grass. They seemed quite unconcerned as we stopped to watch, no interruption to the grunt exchange caught here in the photo. Rather puts one in one’s place in the animal scheme of things.


KindaSquare #24

17 thoughts on “Feeling Kinda Growly

  1. I like the aged look of the photos. I know they’re older photos, but it’s a cool retro look. 🙂 Of course you and I were alive during those times, so I guess we’re retro, too.


  2. It really does put us in our place with these majestic animals and lovely photo to show the activity –
    And your note reminded me of an episode I heard on NPR – many years ago – it was shortly after the 2008-2009 crash – and the episode was about folks living in new upscale apartment buildings that were only 10% occupied – and how animals were living in some vacant apartments
    – well there was a wild cat living in the walls and made it into this guy’s apartment and the interviewer asked him if he was afraid when the cat came into their house (and the man did have to wrestle it down – ) but the guy replied back something like this “was I afraid – of a cat?? No – it was a cat!”
    Of course it was just a domestic house cat – but many humans would have been a bit afraid – of getting scratched or sprayed (and even spiders can freak some folks out) but that guy’s response stuck with me because his reaction was a reminder of perspective –
    He outweighed the cat and there was no reason to fear (in contrast – the “cat” in your photo is to be feared – and glad they were busy dining while you grabbed photos 😉

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