21 thoughts on “Bee In My Border ~ The Top-Down Approach

  1. The ‘bee’ picture hit me . Well…actually a bee or something with a stinger did hit me last evening. Still don’t know what it was as I have never found the bug on the floor or still flying around. But…it was awful. Being former bee keeper there have been many stings but nothing like this one. My elbow throbbed all night and nothing relieved the pain. .Still very much in a hurtful state but getting better as the day goes by. Be careful out in the wilds.

    1. Goodness. I’m sorry you’ve suffered such a horrid attack. My photo was most inopportune. A hornet? Horse flies can be nasty too. Hope it keeps improving.

  2. Herd immunity statistically requires over half or 60 or 70% developed resistance / which is what a vaccine effectively does. We have a very long way to go.

  3. You even caught the movement of the wings. Very cool. I’ll save the video for later, but thanks. There’s so much information on all sides of the COVID issues that it can be difficult to assess what’s a good idea and what isn’t. And then even if it’s a good idea, people have to do it the way they should.


    1. I think with Covid it comes down to discovering how long it has been running through all communities; in other words establishing how many of us have already had it without realising it.

      1. Oxford University infectious disease specialists have been saying this for some weeks. They think the virus was already in the UK by January.

  4. I guess that is how Sweden views this pandemic. I remember growing up and if one kid had the chicken pox we all had to play with that kid in hopes of getting it too. Just get it and get it over with. My boyfriend, David, makes the material that goes into the masks and he was telling me that wearing the masks actually damages your breathing. I’m sure not in the small doses we do for shopping or what not, but I can’t even imagine these poor doctors and nurses who wear two or three masks at once, all day long!

    1. Thanks for that thoughtful comment, Christine. I remember that paty approach to chicken pox and indeed to other childhood infections. Over the years we’ve somehow been convinced that our own immune systems aren’t good enough, or that we can’t do things to make them more resilient. As to masks, it seems they are useful if you are infected and so limit your passing on the virus.

      1. Yes, I agree with the masks for some purpose. When I was teaching it is amazing how many little ones are allergic to everything! I recall parents not giving peanut butter and strawberries, milk or yogurt, … So many things we were brought up on. Luckily, my children never had food allergies. I know they can still develop them but I can’t imagine starting out allergic to so many foods.

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